Find Strong's numbers easily and quickly by setting the translation to either KJV with Strong's Numbers OR NAS with Strong's Numbers. In the search results, select an underlined word to display the Strong's number, the word origin, transliterated word, phonetic spelling, parts of speech, and the definition. The KJV with Strong's Numbers translation also includes the "Stem and Mood" verb pattern for Hebrew words and the "Tense, Voice, and Mood" for Greek verbs. In the search results, select the Strong's number displayed immediately after a verb.

Include Study Resources automatically lists, in the right column of the query results page, all resource entries matching your query. To turn it off, uncheck the box located at the bottom of the Bible Search form before you submit a query.

Find exact chapters and/or verses by typing the book, chapter, and/or verse in the box and selecting the Bible version desired from the drop-down box. (When searching by chapter and verse, the default setting automatically includes hyperlinks to all resources listed under that verse. To turn off these references, uncheck the box next to "Include Resources". This will display the chapter in a more reading friendly format.)

Example: John 3:16 for a verse or John 3 for the entire chapter.

Find a verse spread by using hyphens and commas between the verse numbers.

Example: John 3:15-17 or John 3:15,16,17,18

Find multiple verses from different chapters or books by using commas between the verse numbers.

Example: Matthew 1:4, Genesis 2:1, John 3:15-18

Find verses containing an exact phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks.

Example: "for God so loved the world"

Find verses containing two or three words by adding AND (in capital letters) between the words.

Example: Christ AND mercy

Find verses with either of two words by adding OR (in capital letters) between the words.

Example: mercy OR grace

Find verses with one word but not another word by adding NOT (in capital letters) between the words.

Example: holy NOT spirit

Additional Notes:
You can search for up to three words or phrases with the modifiers AND, OR, NOT. However, you cannot use AND after using OR or NOT. To refine your results when searching for multiple words, click "Search within results" AFTER performing a search and search for additional words or phrases.

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